About Us

RISE was established in 2013 to plant the seeds in order to launch a movement for societal reform. Our platform entails a specific vision calling upon all American citizens and on the communities of all religious and political orientations to become more civically aware and engaged, to keep the country’s well-being and the citizens’ welfare at heart, and to constantly challenge themselves to contribute more to the greater good.

This movement echoes President Kennedy’s plea to our nation a half century ago: “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” It will advocate for all people to stand behind our long-held dream of a just, fair, and prosperous America for all. Finally, the movement will challenge us all to work hard at protecting the democracy which America has come to represent and preserving those institutions.

Vision and Mission


“To build, strengthen, expand, and connect an impactful mainstream civic grassroot movement which effectively addresses pertinent issues facing our country at all levels.”


“We envision a more prosperous, secure, cohesive, and virtuous society that stands for greater justice at home and abroad.”

Contact Us

BOX 110500 Nashville TN 37222-0500
Email: info@riseforamerica.org


RISE Newsletter

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