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Dr. Souheil Ghannouchi is a university professor and a prominent Muslim American thinker and leader with an extensive knowledge on Islam and politics. Born in Tunisia to a family with strong religious and political roots, he was a vigorous activist in his youth, and participated firsthand in the student movement. During the last twenty years, Dr. Ghannouchi served in the leadership of a number of American Muslim organizations. He was an active opponent of the Tunisian oppressive regime and was at the forefront of the Tunisian human rights campaign. Dr. Ghannouchi lectured in many conferences and published many articles and papers. He also traveled extensively and interacted heavily with communities across America in pursuit of his vision. Most recently, Dr. Ghannouchi published his book “MUSLIM AMERICAN RENAISSANCE PROJECT: Answering the Call of God and the Country, And Inspiring Change”, which serves as the intellectual foundation for the movement ICM inspires to create.


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