Core Values

In light of our vision and mission, we abide by a set of core values that guide our work and decision making process.

(1)  Rule of law: Upholding the Constitution of the United States, especially the First Amendment and other guarantees of “liberty and justice for all,” as this protects and encourages the civic nature of our government and the pluralistic nature of our society.

(2)  Universal rights and equality: Stressing the universality of rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” as outlined in the Declaration of Independence—and insisting that justice, human dignity, security, and prosperity are essential for every American and are not to be pursued for one group at the expense of others.

(3)  Informed national security: Enhancing the security of the United States in the face of increased domestic and global threats by calling attention to the often-ignored root causes of threats and by advocating a more integrated security strategy that involves and attends to the concerns of all stakeholders.

(4)  Government “by the people”: Promoting a strengthened democracy, one which is more accessible and responsive to the public. This can be achieved through enhanced civic awareness, through encouragement of citizen involvement, and by working to reign in the influence of money and special interests on policymaking and politics.

(5)  Economic stability and society-wide prosperity: Strengthening the economy and employment by promoting manufacturing and business strategies designed to create real society-wide wealth (not bubbles), wealth that is beneficial to the entire country and all Americans. Stability and prosperity also require the reining in of public and private debt and the promotion of increased financial responsibility, not only by institutions in the government and corporate worlds but also by individuals. Individuals can enhance economic wellness through thriftiness, saving, investment, production, and even export—and by encouraging others to buy American and buy local.

(6)  Strong middle class: Generally promoting the importance of the middle class as the backbone of American society and our economy.

(7)  Expanded, need-cognizant “justice”:Promoting a concept of justice, which includes social, economic, political, and environmental justice for everyone in society. Social and economic justice involves reduction of the wealth gap and maintenance of a social safety net to ensure basic necessities and dignified living for all. This means not only working to address poverty and its ramifications of hunger and homelessness but also working to create pathways for the unemployed and the disabled so they can become productive and support themselves. It also includes advocacy for high-quality accessible education and healthcare for everyone. Environmental justice includes protecting the environment and discouraging shortsighted activities, which may create wealth and jobs today, but may destroy people’s health and lifeline in the future. Of course, political justice includes equality before the law for each and every person.

(8)  Ethics and faith: Strengthening American society and improving our quality of life by encouraging and endorsing spirituality, morality, social cohesion, compassion, solidarity, philanthropy, volunteerism, healthier lifestyles, mutual understanding and respect, and cooperation for the common good. This also involves tempering individualism, materialism, and consumerism. At the political level, it means promoting legislation and social norms that encourage virtues and discourage vices. The goal is to limit the negative effects of vices on society, but to do so without interfering with individual liberties and private lives.

(9)  Strong families: Strengthening, protecting, and empowering the institution of the family to fulfill its vital role as the building block of society and the incubator and first school of future generations.

(10)   Corporate good citizenship: Encouraging corporations to be more socially responsible and less prone to seeking only profit-for-profit’s sake. This means encouraging a system that is more humane, more just, and more democratic—and thus a system that is more geared toward people’s happiness and less geared toward prveeminence of corporate profit. High levels of production and consumption do not necessarily result in a healthier and happier society.

(11)   Healthy competition: Promoting legislation and social norms that enhance the overall public good by preventing special, elite-status treatment for individuals, partisans, corporate interests, communities, or states. All of these entities should compete fairly, but they should also cooperate for the common good as they pursue their respective ambitions and interests. Competition breeds excellence, but only if it is fair; and cooperation breeds excellence as well.

(12)   Institutional transparency: Promoting honesty, transparency, and accountability in politics and in business and fighting greed, corruption, bigotry, irresponsible behavior, and political expediency.

(13)   Ageless, timeless respect for others: Balancing short-term gains with long-term considerations and fighting any tendency or temptation to export problems to future generations or abroad.

(14)   Informed public: Raising awareness of social problems, such as crime, drugs, gambling, teen pregnancies, and pornography; and also raising awareness of challenges and opportunities in the promotion of an ethical and just civil society at home and abroad.

(15)   Global justice: Promoting freedom, human rights, democracy, and good governance across the entire world; and advocating just causes and supporting the global fight against poverty, crime, illiteracy, diseases, corruption, and oppression. Advocating policies that promote American interests without violating American (founding) values (e.g., “liberty and justice for all”). Promoting honest diplomacy and bi/multilateral approaches to addressing and solving international problems/issues.

(16)   Global prosperity: Encouraging the development of underdeveloped countries and opposing any and all kinds of abuse of individuals, groups, or nations; promoting free and fair trade.


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