The Issue and the Plan

The Issue

Most Americans would agree that our society is in urgent need of fundamental change. We may disagree about what changes are needed and why. The scope, the depth, and the pace of change, however, a general agreement that neither more of the same nor a patchwork reform will meet the long and growing list of challenges facing our country and the American people.

The Plan

Our strategic resources

  • Provide resources, such as publications and community-based educational programs, to American Muslims to help them with the task of reviving, renewing, and rediscovering the proper understanding of Islam.
  • Raise the level of civic concern and promote civic education and philanthropy.
  • Empower all citizens from all walks of life, who are aspiring to become change agents, through establishing community support groups across the nation to constantly meet, educate each other about local and national issues, and devise plans for local civic engagement projects.
  • Promote public service through engaging citizens and communities in national and local campaigns.
  • Build alliances and networks with like-minded organizations and communities who share with us our mission of building a civic platform that aims to advance the cause of peace, justice, and prosperity in our country.


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