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A Revival, Renewal, Renaissance and Reform Movement

This project is an Islam-inspired societal reform movement developed in response to the call of God and the call of country. It is designed to seek God’s striving to fulfill His purpose, which is essentially to uplift ourselves, our people, our country, and our world. These connections are at the heart of this project. The divine guidance encompasses everything that serves the common good. God calls upon each and every human being to enjoin good and forbid evil. This is a direct injunction to work toward the betterment of our societies—regardless of whether we live in a predominantly Muslim society or not. In order to obey God and gain His pleasure, we must be engaged in societal efforts to uplift ourselves and those around us. This is the fundamental essence of societal reform.

Elements of our Strength and Hope

In spite of the very challenging state of our country we are still optimistic about the prospect of change!

Our Faith: While the greatness and potential of our country offer tremendous hope, our biggest source of hope and inspiration is Islam.

Our Country and Community: Indeed, in spite of some troubling past and present events, trends, phenomena, and policies, America continues to be a great and unique country. This is due, largely, to our Constitution and founding values; the essential elements of American democracy which guarantee fundamental rights and liberties. Through the Constitution, America offers us a level playing field and fair rules for civic engagement. With its deeply entrenched pluralism, America continues to be unique in granting its’ citizens the opportunity to live out their dreams and in offering its communities the opportunity to organize and make a difference. It is a dynamic and vibrant society where the systems, the norms, and the policies are amenable to reform by committed and well-organized people.

Motivated and organized, Americans can make a difference, no matter how short they may be in resources. However, as American citizens, we should be loyal to America not only because of its greatness, uniqueness, and what it can do for us, but also primarily, simply because it is our Country.

Our Cause: We have our faith as a great source of inspiration and empowerment, our community as a fount of great potential, and our country as a great place in which to thrive. Likewise, our cause is a winning cause due to its divine nature and noble purpose. Indeed, we are answering the call of both God and the country—seeking only His pleasure and the well-being of our country, our people, and humanity at large. How could a cause be nobler or more deserving? Indeed, God’s work will be done, and His purpose will be fulfilled. So those who aspire and strive to become true, faithful embodiments and effective instruments of the divine will cannot fail.


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