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The leadership institute was established to offer broad exposure to the many facets of personal and leadership development with the goal of developing compassionate civic leaders who possess the intellectual depth, strategic insight, coherent vision, and other vital character traits and leadership skills. Upon completing the course, graduates are expected to help build and constantly strength, expand, and connect an impactful mainstream civic grassroots movement which effectively address pertinent issues facing our country at all levels. The leadership center offers the following services.

Professional Civic Education Courses

The “Civic Education and Servant Leadership Institute” offers professional civic education and leadership development courses:

Spring & Fall Civic Education and leadership Course

This class is designed for high school and college students between the ages of 16-23. The course is a 4 months intensive class with a rigor curriculum that aims to transform young adults into trained and talented civic leaders.
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Monthly Civic Education Webinar

Join our annual 12-months webinar series with the founder of our movement to learn more about our vision, mission, and intellectual foundation.
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Individual Development Curriculum

This curriculum provides recommended readings for individuals with a busy work/life schedule to engage in an ongoing personal development process at their own pace.
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Board Development & Capacity Building

Our strength is in our vision, strategy, and experience in building grassroots movements. We offer Islamic centers and Muslim organizations with capacity building services to help them advance the cause of civic education and civic engagement in all forms and shapes.
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Civic Circles (Alliances and Grassroots Movement)

The leadership institute will help civic leaders nationwide stay connected via a grass roots civic movement through local forums mechanism, or what we call: “Civic Circles”.
Click here to request more info regarding how to build an alliance with RISE and other civic initiatives; or to join an existing civic circle; or establish your local civic circle in your community.

Next Generation Philanthropists

Women Philanthropists

Our movement promotes advancing women’s philanthropic contributions to our society. Since the dawn of history, not only that women were and still constitute half of the world’s population, but have also influenced the course of history and contributed to building civilizations across the world. American Muslim women should take their natural position of leading and serving our country. The Women’s Philanthropist group aims to advance the strategic contributions of American Muslim women to America.

Legacy Circle

Our movement believes that the youth and young professionals are not only the leaders of the future, but are America’s strategic reserve that should be leveraged to serve our country. We call upon our young professionals between the ages of 25 – 40 to join this movement and support the mission of the Legacy Circle.

Council of American Muslim Philanthropists

In order for our societal reform movement, to be able to achieve it vision [“a more prosperous, secure, cohesive, and virtuous society that stands for greater justice at home and abroad”] and mission [“to build and constantly strengthen, expand, and connect an impactful mainstream civic grassroots movement that effectively addresses pertinent issues facing our country at all levels”], the Council of American Muslim Philanthropists is entrusted with the task of financial planning to sustain the mission, strategic direction, institutions, activities, and the future of our movement through generous endowment and ethical, inclusive, and effective philanthropy. There are number of ways to engage with the Council of American Muslim Philanthropists:

  1. LEAD: Become a member of the council’s executive team to plan and manage the council’s initiative.
  2. INVEST: Contribute to RISE’s long term investments and endowment fund through major contributions and benefit from return on your investments.
  3. DONATE: Fund RISE’s institutions and initiatives through monthly contributions and enjoy tax incentives and deductions.
  4. VOLUNTEER: Offer your expertise to advance our civic mission.

Professional Civic Education Course Registration

Optional information

Please consider filling out this section as it help us fairly assess the class.

Education: List in chronological order all colleges and universities attended, including degrees you have attained, including : name and location of institution, major field, dates attended (from/to), degree and date awarded.


Please provide a current resume or curriculum vitae with your application, including work experience for the past 5 years.

Other relevant experience

Please list any volunteer work with nonprofit agencies/public sector and any other experience relevant to public service. Please include: agency, position or type of work and from/to dates.

Financial aid

Financial aid is available for certain strict cases. Please explain your case below and make sure you provide your contact information so that we can contact you.

If requesting tuition assistance, how much would you be able to contribute toward the tuition for this program?


If you have the means to sponsor the training of potential civic leaders, please list how many you would be willing to sponsor.


Thank you for filling in our form. After submitting it, you will be redirected to our PayPal page, where you can pay the tuition fee.

The tuition for the entire course is $450; however, we are offering the course to you for only $150. Please note that this does not include the cost of the 3 required books (total $50). Partial scholarships will also be available based on need. Please complete the Financial Aid section if you would like to be considered for tuition assistance. Tuition must be paid by credit card (or through PayPal).


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